“Music And The Preborn Classroom”, is a "Preborn Enrichment Program" to help parents and family members foster a better environment for their "Preborn" baby and provide opportunities for an early learning relationship between parent and child, that can last a lifetime. 

Dr. Rene Van de Carr and his research team developed the world's first structured scientific program of "prenatal enrichment" with "Preborn" babies, beginning in 1979. The results of these studies were disseminated worldwide through scientific papers and lectures with Organizations, Medical Schools, and University events. In the USA, Europe, and Asia, Dr. Van de Carr appeared on many popular TV shows, radio interviews and was also featured in many newspapers and magazines. He demonstrated these communicative methods using music, touch and sound activities,  He also received an international award and legislative commendation for this pioneering work. 

The symphony of sounds and rhythms, coming from a preborn’s mother, father, sister, brother, and grandparents, has been a constant in the message that Dr. Rene Van de Carr has shared with the world since 1979.

By spending time, bonding and communicating with your preborn baby, using music, touch and sound, it can produce healthy early brain development, enhanced future academic achievement and an accentuated love of learning.

The more we "Discover the World of Preborn Babies", the more we understand that our children begin learning before birth, from within their truly first classroom; their own preborn classroom.  

Research continues to reveal that we can provide our children of tomorrow, the greatest opportunity for healthy and enhanced brain development, while we also produce bonding and communication relationships that last a lifetime AND produce a lifelong love of learning.  

Questions and topics addressed in “Music And The Preborn Classroom”, makes Dr. Van de Carr and Kristin Van de Carr Ph.D.'s newest book release, an ultimate resource for parents-to-be. It will provide new understanding and brilliant insights about their preborn baby, in the most intimate way possible, before they even enter the delivery room.

We are honored to help Dr. Rene Van De Carr share his teachings, knowledge, and experience with parents-to-be, from all walks of life.

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