EVERY 8 SECONDS.... Discover the World of Preborn Babies

Did you know that a baby is born every 8 seconds in the United States?

What would happen if young men and women,
mothers-to-be, fathers-to-be
brothers and sisters and grandparents,
were to Discover the World of Preborn Babies?

First... Knowing more about when and how a “Preborn baby” begins to develop,
would help men and women of all ages, make better life decisions.

Second... It would help parents-to-be and other family members, foster a healthier
and enriched environment for their preborn baby.

Third... It would provide opportunities to develop early bonding
and a learning relationship between parents, family and child, that can last a lifetime.

and Fourth... It would help prevent preborn and infant neural challenges,
which result from the pattern of generational stress and neglect due to poverty.

To understand the research and life work
of Dr. Rene Van de Carr and Prenatal University,
we can then begin to realize the benefits of
teaching mothers-to-be, a "PreBorn Enrichment Program".
The benefits of mentoring mothers-to-be about motherhood,
spans across every economic group in society and every race

“ A gift of enrichment given before birth, is a gift that will last for generations.”

Dr. Rene Van de Carr
Father of the Preborn Classroom and
Founder of Prenatal University
Since 1986


We have many ways that you can help our very special project.
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You will also learn how your early support will help to provide up to
14,000 low-income comprehensive family health clinics with
Discover the World of Preborn Babies
                                                                                and Music and The Preborn Classroom;                                                                                      " Preborn Engrichment Program"