Bring Music Back To Schools is first a documentary about the importance of “Music Integrated Education” and specifically will share how music develops a widespread neural network that supports and enhances learning or all core subjects, across all curriculum K-12. What we know without a doubt is that the desire to learn and participate and engage in music makes the learning curve of all subjects easily integrated AND FUN.

At the same time, when music activates and integrates multiple brain networks, it helps students formulate questions, synthesize, and articulate learning across all the core subjects

Simply put, music integrated education creates a lifelong love of learning while producing higher academic results.

Most important to us,is that Bring Music Back To Schools is also a growing music integrated education community defined by 6 beneficiary communities. That’s parents, families, teachers, students, music artist educators and community/business leaders from all across the country

On our website and in our documentary, we address, inspire, spotlight and invigorate the conversation of “music integrated education” towards all 6 of these beneficiary communities.   They all play a roll in bringing music back into the educational experiences of our children.

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