Bring Music Back to Schools

A documentary about the importance of “Music Integrated Education”. This vibrant documentary  will specifically share how music develops a widespread neural network which supports and enhances learning across all core subjects and across all curriculum K-12.

Prenatal University:
Discover The World Of Preborn Babies

Dr. Rene Van de Carr, truly needs no introduction. Since 1979, Dr. Van de Carr has been known around the world for his pioneering work and research of "Music and The Preborn Classroom": a comprehensive enrichment program for preborn babies, newborns and their family members.

Music and The Preborn Classroom

The symphony of sounds and rhythms, coming from a preborn baby's mother, father, sister, brother and grandparents, has been a constant in the message that Dr. Rene Van de Carr has shared with the world since 1979. His stunning research reveals the vital relationship between music, early brain development  and the life long love of learning, which starts before birth.