Help Protect Preborn America

  *Did you know you can begin communicating and 
             experience bonding with your baby before birth?

                              Our film is a wonderful journey                                   
to help teach families all over America...

 "What is Preborn Enrichment?"

                          "How you and your preborn baby can begin                             to know each other before birth" 

          "When do babies begin experiencing "a love of learning?" 

        "How simple methods of Music, Sound, Touch and Rhythm,                before birth, can give your child a head start "

Discover the World of Preborn Babies
              A Life and Legacy of Bonding and Communication                 

Can you help us ... 
to complete our very special 
short documentary film in 2018?

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             Our Mission in Life

Bravo Gente LLC. is an educational film  production and publishing company that presents      informative and inspiring documentaries, books and          music recordings, related to  research and studies about music,      early brain development, and                                       "music integrated education".  
Since 2014, Bravo Gente has been our labor of love and now we are asking if you can help us to reach our goal to complete this chapter of our mission.

Our Goal... but we need your help.

                   Bravo Gente is committed to                          completing and distributing                        two important educational releases       about "Preborn Enrichment Programs",     to up to14,000 low income family health pregnancy clinics across America:


 Discover the World        of Preborn Babies





Music and 
The Preborn Classroom

                      Our purpose is to help raise awareness about the positive benefits of    

                                           "Preborn Enrichment" and how                                             Music, Sound, Touch & Rhythm                                               BEFORE BIRTH, contributes to                                        healthy early brain development"                                      and the "life long love of learning".                                             _________

          Our film is the beginning of a wonderful journey.                It will also help teach families across America,          from all walks of life, how a lifetime of bonding and communication with your child, can begin before birth.


                         IT'S VERY IMPORTANT                                       TO US TO SHOW YOU ...             "How your gift of financial support will be       used to help us complete this very special     and important set of educational tools."       

       Our entire 2017 budget was spent in the creation of            beautiful project websites, social media development,                   preliminary film and publishing production.        

            We also began filming our short documentary                       film "Discover the World of Preborn Babies",              to include Interviews which feature the life work of;  

                           Dr. Rene Van de Carr                                                Father of the Preborn Classroom                           President of Prenatal University 

         We are also in the final edit of the first edition of                            "Music and The Preborn Classroom"                                   "A Comprehensive Review of 5 Renown                                              Preborn Enrichment Programs"                                     by renown Professionals and Researchers;                 Dr. Rene Van de Carr and Kristin Van de Carr Ph.D.

Here is how your gift of financial support 

be used for our 2018 budget,

and reach our goal to distribute our 

educational short film documentary and

book to 14,000 low income health

and pregnancy clinics across America. 

Discover the World of Preborn Babies
    A Life and Legacy of Bonding and Communication     


On-location Filming - 8K

Archive and Stock Footage – 4K

Images and Music Rights- 3K


Editor: Picture| Sound – 9K

Sound Mix – Color Correction - Graphics – 8K


DVD encoding, menu design, and authoring 1K

Direct Bulk Mail (Crowd Funding) Fulfillment – 2K

Administration, Legal and Overhead - 10K

              Computer and sufficient backup drive capacity upgrade - 5K                          This office equipment upgrade will permit us to manage higher volume                        of Early Supporters, Clinics, Customers and to grow and service                         all publishing and distribution needs.                


                        With the help of community support,                                                    we are scheduled to finish                                                       our film by Spring/Summer 2018                         _________ 

 Our Stretch Goals: 

We are seeking to raise $50K to finish our documentary during this first stage of our crowd funding outreach. 

   But with your kind and generous support 

and our Stretch Goals met, 

we will be able to successfully complete, distribute and market our very important and highly needed educational tools to all communities across America.

As you may have read above, our documentary film is the first step for mothers-to-be, fathers-to-be, siblings and grandparents-to-be, from ALL walks of life. 

              This first step is to begin understanding                           how important bonding and communication is                for your preborn baby’s healthy brain development    and their life long love of learning. 

It is also an important step in understanding the impact of stress on your preborn and newborn baby. 

      Research is showing that neural impairment and                 neural deficits, due to  modern, everyday stresses              or stress due to poverty and neglect, are preventable. 

                      The role of "preborn enrichment"                       is an important step in prevention.


   If we can exceed our first stage goal and reach our stretch goal of $125K total, it will provide;    

Outreach And Impact

                              State-by-State Film Distribution to                          14,000 Low Income Family and Pregnancy Health Clinics

                              Clinic and Community Screenings                                Marketing and Promotion  

                 Complete Publishing the First Edition of the                         Primary Companion Book to our film documentary;  

                          Discover the World of Preborn Babies;                     A Life and Legacy of Bonding and Communication

               Music and The Preborn Classroom;                                             A Comprehensive Review of                                          5 Renown "Preborn Enrichment" Programs 

            "Music and The Preborn Classroom" is a unique book                                containing research, studies, and reviews of                      5 renown"preborn enrichment" programs. 

       Our book benefit readers in two very important ways;


                As the next generation self help pregnancy guide                 for mothers-to-be, fathers-to-be, and grandparents to be...

                                       SECOND                                                                                                                                                                           Nurses in health and pregnancy clinics                                         will use this book to provide themselves with a                       fresh perspective about pregnancy,"preborn babies"            and "preborn enrichment" programs and methods. 

       Bravo Gente will use our stretch funds to;  

Book printing to meet bulk minimum

            Begin distributing copies to each clinic in our              Nationwide Clinic Program.

                    Begin distributing copies through our                                                         Nationwide Library Program.                                                There are an estimated 119,487 libraries                      in the United States today.  

                  Our book is in it final edit and just needs                      to be formatted and printed. 

Our estimated shipping period to both clinics and libraries     begins mid to late Spring 2018 

This time period also coincides with the Mother's Day and  Father's Day gift-giving holiday… 


Other ways you can help!

   By giving our facebook page a like, and sharing this campaign page,                      you will be spreading the word about our film and book,                    which will benefit our project tremendously!

Our Give you our Eternal Gratitude!


We would like you to know 
just how important you are :

First... when our film is complete, you will be happy to know that because of you, it will be seen by 
from all walks of life,
all across America.

Second... our film will be distributed to up to 
14,000 low income Family Health 
and Pregnancy Clinics across America! 

                   Our film is a wonderful journey to help                       teach families from all over America...

                           "What is Preborn Enrichment?" 

  • How you and your preborn baby can begin to know each other before birth. 
  • When do babies begin experiencing                              "a love of learning? 
  • How simple methods of Music, Sound, Touch and Rhythm, before and after birth, can give your child a head start.
  • Research and studies about how to prevent long-term neural challenge to their babies due to stress. 

"Why is this film so Important" ?

This very special short documentary film explains;

 "There is an ideal time in a preborn baby's development, beginning at about the fifth month of pregnancy. 

An interaction between a preborn baby and 
their environment, their mother and family, 
stimulates brain growth, both before and after birth."

Dr. Rene Van de Carr
Father of the Preborn Classroom
Prenatal University 

"YOUR financial gifts of support,
        received so far, towards our $50,000 goal"    


*Small or large, your gift will make a world of difference 
for mothers and their preborn babies across America.

                                          Please help us share the love...

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   "YOUR financial gifts of support, 
        received so far, towards our $50,000 goal"    

               We truly need your help...                                                                                                       Your generous gift of financial support, will help us to complete our film and begin to distribute it to mothers-to-be and families from all walks of life.

Our Thank You Gifts 
for Your Early Support

$1 - $25 USD

Our Eternal Thank You! + Exclusive Updates

      Receive our eternal thanks and exclusive milestone updates            about how your gift of financial support has helped mothers-to-be and their preborn babies across America.

          Our monthly newsletter, beginning in Spring of 2018,                    will share success stories from mothers, fathers                                and grandparents, who are experiencing the special bonding and communication that begins before birth. 

                We wll also share stories about communities                          who have embraced "Music and The Preborn Classroom" ,             a "preborn enrichment" program, and are providing it          to their less fortunate mothers-to-be and families in need. 


*Small or large, your gift will make a world of difference 
for mothers and their preborn babies across America.


$25 USD

             Private Link Streaming Video                            of Official Film Release;                        Showing Dates set for Spring/Summer 2018 

 Discover the World of Preborn Babies

A Life and Legacy of Bonding and Communication


$25.00 USD  
   Our thank you gift for your support!
 $50 USD

Private Link Streaming Video of Official Film Release; Showing Dates set for Spring/Summer 2018 

Discover the World of Preborn Babies

A Life and Legacy of Bonding and Communication


Webinar featuring 

      Dr. Rene Van de Carr        Father of the Preborn Classroom   President of Prenatal University
Since 1986 

$50.00 USD  
 Our thank you gift for your support!

   Just a few of the important                                                              topics we'll be discussing...

   "What IS Preborn Enrichment?"

"When did it all begin?" 

                  Research and Studies about                              Music and Early Brain Development

"How your baby's brain develops 
in response to what they experience".

Learn how Neural Impairment and Deficits 
caused by modern day stresses or 
stress due to poverty, 
can be prevented. 

Learn how you and your preborn baby 
can experience a "Preborn Enrichment Program"
and begin a lifelong bond and learning relationship. 

And so much more!


Our Thank You Gifts 
                for Your Early Support                                                   with every gift of a Book or DVD,                                       receive a 1-year gift membership to                       Prenatal University Learning Portal


$24.99 USD  *plus shipping

We invite you to take a special journey and
Discover the World of Preborn Babies
        A Life and Legacy of Bonding and Communication

Experience Beautiful 
Color Imagery and Music While Learning about 

     The History of         Preborn Enrichment 

Interviews with
Dr. Rene Van de Carr
"Father of the 
Preborn Classroom"

$24.99 USD  *plus shipping
   Our thank you gift for your support!

                                           The perfect gift for Mothers-to-be, 


Dr. Van de Carr's life work began 
by teaching thousands of mothers-to be; 
Prenatal University's preborn enrichment program 
called "Music and The Preborn Classroom" 


If you want to learn more about 
   "Music and The Preborn Classroom",      your financial gift support will give you the early first edition of our book titled; 

         Music and The Preborn Classroom;                            A Comprehensive Review of                                              5 Renown Preborn Enrichment Programs                 


This is a very special and unique pregnancy book for mothers and fathers-to-be, as well as grandparents-to-be.

What is Preborn Enrichment?

         Well... the first thing to understand is that;                                  "A Baby's Brain Development                                                           Begins Long Before Birth"

     100 billion neurons by birth and an astonishing 250,000               neurons a minute are multiplying in the first month,                       following conception.    

     Dr. Rene Van de Carr; "Father of the Preborn Classroom",             explains that preborn babies can learn to respond to                     different kinds of stimuli, including touch, sound, and music.

   "There are ideal times in a preborn baby's development, when the                    interaction between the baby and its environment,                     stimulates brain growth before birth." 

                                                     Dr. Rene Van de Carr                                                                                 Father of the Preborn Classroom                                                             President of Prenatal University                                                             

                  "Music and The Preborn Classroom"                                  can teach you, how to begin a bonding,                                  communication and learning relationship                           with your preborn baby, that can last a lifetime.                                    

                                $32.99 USD *plus shipping                                Our thank you gift for your support!

  • Learn how the entire family can become a part of              your baby's Preborn Classroom experience. 
  • Sisters & brothers, Grandparents-to-Be,                                      even close friends, can begin bonding and        communicating with your Preborn baby before birth.
  • Read about the Research and Studies about                  Music, Learning and  Brain Development”                              which spans the last century...
  • ... and How does Music Open the Door                                      to the Love of Learning, Even Before Birth …
  • How can Music help to make your pregnancy                       and the birth of your baby,                                                         an awake and joyful experience,                                                 for all who share in this miracle of life.

    Deeper insights... 

  • ... about diet, morning sickness,                                    exercise,  stress, relaxation                                                      and other important pregnancy awarenesses.
  • ... about preparation for you and your Preborn baby's                   labor and birth experience.
  • ... how to continue the experience of bonding                                      and learning techniques, from your baby's birth                                  and into their infancy.
  • In honor of Dr. Rene Van de Carr's life's work,                                    you will also receive a free 1-year membership to                      Prenatal University Learning Portal, with any purchase,                      as a thank you for your early support.

 "My Preborn Babys Diary" 

                                     A companion book to                                      Music and The Preborn Classroom

As you read and learn simple touch, sound and music activities, you and your Preborn Baby can keep a diary of all your experiences together; before birth, during and after birth.

It will give you and our family, a way to enjoy and have fun, planning and organizing your special bonding time with your Preborn Baby, week by week, month by month.

$29.99 USD *free shipping