Bravo Gente LLC. is an educational film production and publishing company               that presents informative and inspiring documentaries, books and music recordings    that relate to research about music, early brain development, and "music integrated education".


Our films, published books and recordings, are offered as helpful tools in building communities of angels and benefactors, made up of parents, families, teachers, students, music artist educators and community/business leaders, who share our vision of “a life long love of learning”. 

Bravo Gente LLC is committed to creating community based, long-term support, for “music integrated" curriculum development, for "Preborn" babies, newborn babies, infants, preschoolers and students K-12.


From conception through to K-12th education, sound, rhythm and "music integrated education" is vitally important for a child's healthy brain development. A mother's own heartbeat is one of the influences that begins the powerful relationship between music and learning, but there are many facets to a "Preborn" baby's learning experience, before birth, as described in Dr. Rene Van de Carr's book, titled; Music and The Preborn Classroom. We are honoring the life work of Dr. Rene Van de Carr and his pioneering research of "Preborn Enrichment" over the last several decades.

Due to recent developments in digital imaging, studies have demonstrated structural brain changes due to “Music Integrated Education” in early childhood. “Music Integrated Education” develops a widespread neural network that supports and enhances learning of all core subjects, across all curriculum; K-12.  Music helps students formulate questions, synthesize, and articulate learning across all core subjects.

The desire in children to make music is a spontaneous reaction.  Research experiments have discovered that the processing of music is "hardwired" in the human brain. What we now know, without a doubt, is that the desire to learn and participate and engage in music, makes the learning curve of all subjects and lesson plans, easily integrated AND FUN. Our commitment is to help others understand, "why" and "how" music, sound and rhythm, contributes to healthy early brain development, how "music integrated education" contributes to the future of vibrant young men and women, who have a life long love of learning and then become, positive contributing members of their community.

Private Sources and Fundraising: "Communities and their Community/Business Leaders Are Changing The Lives of Our Future Men and Women"

There are several areas where communities are stepping in to support the benefits of music integrated education. The spectrum of community support is wide reaching if we take into consideration when healthy brain development begins.

Discover the World of Preborn Babies; 

Our very special projects are at a stage where we are in need of very special Angels Our project called "Discover the World of Preborn Babies", is focused on WHEN healthy early brain development truly begins; BEFORE BIRTH. Our publishing and film documentary efforts fulfill a need for public awareness about "Preborn Enrichment"  for mothers-to-be, fathers-to-be, and grandparents-to-be, from all walks of life. 

Whether it be modern day stresses of everyday life, or stress and neglect due to poverty, there is an abundance of valuable information that can be shared about the neural challenges and neural deficiencies that stress and neglect produces for; preborn babies, newborn babies and infants. 

Due to recent research and digital imaging, we now know that less fortunate mothers and their babies are prone to preventable, diagnosable neural challenges that produces 6% less brain surface.  As social entrepreneurs, Bravo Gente is committed to increasing public awareness about a "Prenatal Enrichment Program" called "Music and The Preborn Classroom", which has been shown to produce above normal capabilities in each of the areas where intellectual deficiency have been identified due to stress and neglect: impaired language ability, impaired memory, impaired listening attentiveness and reduced self-control. 


Due to severe budget cuts, schools are increasingly relying on collaborative efforts with partners such as local businesses and community-based organizations. 

Communities are uniting around the shared responsibility of educating youth, while schools are gradually expanding the number of positive role models that emerge from within their own communities.  These are teachers and music artist educators who are partnering and committed to contributing to the joy and love of learning for all children and students.

Bravo Gente is dedicated to building stronger community connections using sponsored awareness campaigns about "Preborn Enrichment" and Music Integrated Education, as well as community funded "Music Artist Educator" career building programs. These programs include K-12 teacher/artist partnerships, designed to help meet the proven "whole brain" learning needs of children. Love and the "Love of Learning" is every child's birthright.



We look forward to sharing our journey and our projects with you. With your help and financial support, we hope to inspire the conversation and awareness about "Preborn Enrichment". With your help we'll be able to provide up to 14,000 community low income family and pregnancy health clinics and organizations the tools and techniques, to help mothers-to-be, living below the poverty level, prevent long-term neural challenge to their babies.  

AND with your help, we will shine a light on wonderful programs and communities who are already committed to integrating Music with Education, otherwise known as; "Music Integrated Education".   

We truly hope you will also share our websites and social media links with your friends and family, your teachers and your community leaders.  We hope you will also contact us if you would like to bring any of our programs to your community. We would love to hear from you.