We set out to work with projects that help enrich other's lives.

Our Mission

Bravo Gente LLC. is an educational film production and publishing company that presents informative and inspiring documentaries, books and music recordings that relate to research about music, early brain development, and
"music integrated education".

A Short Story About Us...

Our team is small but our commitment to inspire and ignite conversation, about music and early brain development, is monumental. We say it is monumental because we are committed to whole brain education, which needs to be valued as a corner stone of learning for all of our preborn babies, our newborns, infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and all students; grades K through 12.

Since the dawn of Bravo Gente LLC in 2013, our sole intention was to spotlight the many gifted and inspired teachers, music artist educators, organizations and researchers, who are already integrating music with education. There are progressive teachers who were already using music integrated lesson plans in their classrooms. There are also many music artist educators who are already working along side teachers, to enhance the learning experience of students, K -12, instilling a joy of learning in math, history, language, science and other valuable subjects.

In order to understand the importance of "Music Integrated Education" , it's necessary to first understand "why" it improves and enhances our children's learning experience.  

They say it's always good to "start at the very beginning... a very good place to start".

Why Music Integrated Education and Brain Development?

From conception through to K-12th education, sound, rhythm and "music integrated education" is vitally important for a child's healthy brain development. A mother's own heartbeat is one of the influences that begins the powerful relationship between music and learning, but there are many facets to a "Preborn" baby's learning experience, before birth, as described in Dr. Rene Van de Carr's book, titled; Music and The Preborn Classroom. 

Due to recent developments in digital imaging, studies have demonstrated structural brain changes due to “Music Integrated Education” in early childhood. “Music Integrated Education” develops a widespread neural network that supports and enhances learning of all core subjects, across all curriculum; K-12.  Music helps students formulate questions, synthesize, and articulate learning across all core subjects.

The desire in children to make music is a spontaneous reaction.  Research experiments have discovered that the processing of music is "hardwired" in the human brain. What we now know, without a doubt, is that the desire to learn and participate and engage in music, makes the learning curve of all subjects and lesson plans, easily integrated AND FUN. Our commitment is to help others understand, "why" and "how" music, sound and rhythm, contributes to the future of vibrant young men and women, who are positive contributors in their communities.