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            Discover The World          of Preborn Babies  

             Documentary Short Film featuring               Dr. Van de Carr; Father of the Preborn Classroom                 Founder of Prenatal University                      A BRAVO GENTE Sharing-Caring  Program                                         

Dr. Rene Van de Carr, truly needs no introduction. Since 1979, Rene Van de Carr, MD has been known around the world for his pioneering work and research of "preborn" babies.  

Bravo Gente wishes to honor the life work of  Dr. Van de Carr, Father of the Preborn Classroom and Founder of Prenatal University, in our short film production called; "Discover the World of Preborn Babies". 

Today, Dr. Rene Van de Carr and Prenatal University provides educational materials and programs for mothers-to-be and their families, to learn how they can bond and communicate utilizing a "preborn enrichment program" called "Music and The Preborn Classroom".  

Beginning this program before birth and continuing through infancy, the benefits can last a lifetime. 

Prenatal University's "Motherhood Mentors" program addresses; how to prevent the neural challenges of babies born to impoverished mothers, produced by stress and neglect. We are proud to be helping Prenatal University's mission by distributing our introductory short film "Discover the World of Preborn Babies" to 14,000 low income family health clinics across America.

   Music and The Preborn Classroom;             A Comparative Study of                   Preborn Enrichment Programs   

          Book, DVD Audio Book & Documentary                    Written by Dr. Rene Van de Carr and                                  Kristen Van de Carr, Ph.D.   

The symphony of voices, sounds and rhythms, coming from a "preborn" baby's mother, father, sister, brother and grandparents, have been included within the message and curriculum that Dr. Rene Van de Carr has shared with the world since 1979. 

Dr. Rene Van de Carr and Kristin Van de Carr, Ph.D., have shared a lifelong journey, educating around the world, about stunning research which reveals the vital relationship between; music, touch, sound, early brain development and the life long love of learning.

"Prebirth" touch (non-verbal communication) , as well as verbal and musical communication with "preborn" babies, provides enhanced environmental input for "normal" healthy brain development. 

Mothers and fathers-to-be, as well as grandparents-to-be, from all walks of life, can easily learn bonding and communication activities to share and enjoy with their preborn baby.

We are honored and privileged to publish, distribute and film; "Music and The Preborn Classroom" book, audio book dvd, companion book called "My Preborn Baby's Diary" and full length documentary.   

     Bring Music Back To Schools
   and The Life Long Love of Learning                                                      
Documentary Film  
Community Screenings And Conversations

A vibrant documentary about the importance of “Music Integrated Education”,  that will specifically share how music develops a child's widespread neural network, which supports and enhances learning across all core subjects, and across all curriculum K-12.

We start the journey, in a child's first true classroom which begins before birth called; "Music and The Preborn Classroom". A child's love of learning is nurtured, first by their mother and then enriched further, by their father, siblings and grandparents. 

Research has discovered that when we gently vary the rhythmic sequence of sounds that resemble a mother's pulsing heartbeat, using small instruments, it actually stimulates neural connections as your baby's brain develops.  There are many preborn enrichment activities which can result in enhanced intellectual performance, such as language skills, cognitive thinking and attentiveness. 

Most important, the long term processing of music in the human brain, added to the natural desire to learn, participate and engage in music, makes the learning curve of all subjects and lesson plans, easily integrated and FUN.

It’s been said by early documentary filmmakers,

that the making of a documentary, is about observing life, “life as it is”.


And WOW!  What amazing life there is to observe in this world! 


As a publisher and documentary filmmaker, we hope to move and inspire,

while sharing the vitality of life, "as education".

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